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Jan. 10th, 2012 10:00 pm
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this is my permanent recommendation post! please take this oportunity to spam me with your fandoms and reasons why I should get into them. anything goes, just include a short description of what you are trying to get me into, if it's a game, series, book, etc.

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A few days have passed and I still haven't written my into post orz;; Recommendation post I talked about in my previous entry will go up shortly after this one once my boyfriend recommends me an image to use for it...

I haven't been productive for the past few days... I tried to do some studying but I don't think I'm able to pass Chemistry as I am now and I probably can't get much better. Just thinking about the exams makes me physically sick, because I can't imagine myself passing...

I've been playing Pokemon Black in my spare time and I'm about to challenge the Elite Four once I finish leveling my Pokemon up to lvl50... Tomorrow my boyfriend's Pokemon White along with HeartGold should get shipped, I can't wait for him to play \o/

Anyways, I'm off to play some Pokemon Dream World and then set up the recommendation post... I can count on you to recommend me some cool stuff, can I?
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First of all, a welcome to everyone I added through the LJ to DW Friending Meme - [personal profile] danybel, [personal profile] hiver, [personal profile] karrissarella, [personal profile] kuruk, [personal profile] megageek, [personal profile] scenotaphs, [personal profile] serperior, [personal profile] shiki, [personal profile] soaringskies, [personal profile] sourparfait, [personal profile] tofu and [personal profile] toxicologist. I hope I won't disappoint you and myself and actually stay active. (also hi to everyone else, I want to actually use this thing!)

I have yet to write up a nice intro post where I'd list ALL my fandoms and ALL ships but for now have this lousy intro of mine.
I'm Aru and I'm nineteen years old. I live in the northern part of Poland. I study Biotechnology and have one boyfriend who's going to stalk my entries here even though he doesn't want to create a DW account for himself. I'm not much of a fandom contributor - I used to try writing, iconing or drawing but I haven't really done anything for a long time, I hope I'll be inspired to create something soon but not when it's exam time. Currently I'm really into Gintama, Pokemon and Steins;Gate and my other fandoms include Persona 3/4, Kingdom Hearts, 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors, The World Ends With You, Scott Pilgrim and many more. I follow a number of currently airing series so many of my entries would be about my thoughts on them, my adventures in Pokemon Black or flailing over new episodes of Gintama.

Oh and I need to mention thet I'm always interested in checking out new fandoms you guys recommend - actually I plan to set up a post where you would recruit me for your fandoms/ships. I'm not picky. And I love them magical girls

I hope this wasn't too boring! This concludes today's post since it's getting late and I don't think I have time to set up proper into post today... orz;;;
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Since I already went and started adding people, I guess it would be unfair if I didn't use this account at all... I don't know if I can still regularly blog (I haven't been using LJ for anything but TCG for ages) but I plan to turn this place into a storage account of mine - meaning that if I write/draw something, make icons, try to make a proper musebox, it would get posted here. I'm not sure if I want to move my Colors trade pile over and the main post is definitely staying on LJ. And now I disappear to upload some icons and play Pokemon :D

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